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Global Sociological Review (GSR)


Broader Scope

The Global Sociological Review publishes original research, review articles and commentaries related to all the fields and sub fields of sociology, social policy and topics related to social problems with the national, regional and global scope.


Main areas and Subthemes


1.     Basic and Applied Sociology

2.     Culture and society

3.     Social institutions

4.     Sociology of religion

5.     Social Problems

6.     Rural Sociology

7.     Urban Sociology

8.     Medical Sociology

9.     Sociology of media


Social Change and Development

1.     Development theories

2.     Processes of change

3.     Globalization

4.     Technology and development

5.     Industrialization

6.     Youth issues

7.     Migration

8.     Cultural variation

9.     Development models

10.  Socialism and capitalism

11.  Economic development

12.  Rural Development

13.  Human resource development


Social Psychology

1.     Social beliefs and judgements

2.     Social and cultural influence

3.     Group influence

4.     Conflict resolution

5.     Helping behavior and charity

6.     Study of aggressive behavior

7.     Prejudice and discrimination

8.     Biology, culture and personality development

9.     Social cognition

10.  Love, affection and affiliation

11.  Family and Peer influence


Sociology of Deviance

1.     Functions and dysfunctions of deviance

2.     Crime learning theories

3.     Biology and crime

4.     Criminal justice system

5.     Street crimes

6.     Sub cultures and deviance

7.     Terrorism

8.     Victimology

9.     Juvenile Delinquency

10.  Female Delinquency

11.  Formal and informal Social Control

12.  Law and crime prevention

13.  Policing


Population Studies

1.     Demography

2.     Theories of Population Transition

3.     Population and Development

4.     Contraceptives and population control

5.     Urbanization

6.     Migration

7.     Fertility behavior

8.     Healthcare and Mortality

9.     Marriage patterns studies

10.  Reproductive Health


Methods of Social Research

1.     Research process

2.     Tools of data collection

3.     Theoretical Frameworks

4.     Qualitative & Quantitative Research

5.     Reliability and authenticity in Research

6.     Data analysis methods

7.     Teaching practices in research

8.     Measurement and testing

9.     Report Writing



Social work

1.     Charity organizations

2.     Social case work practice

3.     Group Work practice

4.     Community Organization

5.     Community Development

6.     Social work in Hospitals and Schools

7.     Social Work in Prisons

8.     Social work administration


Gender Studies

1.     Sex and Gender

2.     Gender Socialization

3.     Gender and culture

4.     Gender discrimination

5.     Gender based violence

6.     Women empowerment

7.     Feminism

8.     Feminist movement

9.     Power and Masculinities

10.  Gender transformative approach

Social Anthropology

1.     History of Cultures

2.     Cultural studies

3.     Family and Kinship

4.     Social organization

5.     Socialization

6.     Elements of culture

7.     Cultural variation

8.     Evolution and development


Sociological Theories

1.     Development of social thought

2.     Theory building

3.     Structural functionalism

4.     Conflict and Marxism

5.     Social Action

6.     Symbolic interactionism

7.     Social exchange theory

8.     Phenomenology and ethnomethodology

9.     Feminism

GSR Features

Global Sociological Review (GSR) was introduced by Humanity Only (HO) through the research project sponsored and guided by Humanity Research Council (HRC) — a sub-body of Humanity Development Council (HDS). GSR have following distinguished features.

  • Unique ID for each article (D.O.I)
  • Outlook Diversity
  • Crossmark Enables D.O.Is
  • Metadata Harvesting
  • Global Content Archiving
  • Indexed by highly reputed agencies
  • Secure online submission system

Extra Features

We are committed to publish research papers of very good quality so as to improve the impact of our publications on researchers.

All the articles submitted for review goes through a triple blind peer review system.

We have a very well wersed and qualified team of professional editors to publish your researcg and guide you through out the process.

Publishing your article with GSR gives your research work a global acknowledgement.

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